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The second international children's festival in Munich(Germany) Silhouette art cutting from a paper was held at 23th of August, 2012.

First International Child Papercutting Festival "White On Black" will be open from 28th May, 2010 at Moscow (Rudomino Library for Foreign Literature).

The 7th Swiss Silhouette (Schnitt-Kunst, Knipp-Kunst, Kiri-Kunst, Cut-Out) Exhibition is opened from 11/26/2009 till 04/04/2010 at Zurich (Switzerland).
Here we present our impressions from visit to the exhibition.

Seminar «White On Black» will be held on Sunday, September 6, 2009
The seminar will introduce western-european art of papercutting. The participants of the seminar can extend their view about diversity this kind of art and its practical application in modern world.
Ursula Kirchner from Stuttgart, Germany will become a party in seminar. She is the editor of "Black on White" magazine and one of the best papercutters of the modern Europe.

February, 11
We proudly present our report about the big trip over Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland in November of 2006.


The cover of the albumOur Gallery has published an art album with the images of papercuts of the artist Victor Zhukov.

The album includes papercuts from a literary-art cycle "Wildness"
(scenes of human prehistory). It is the cycle from 98 satirical real-sized miniatures with author's signatures in English and Russian languages. The dimensions of the album are 275 x 200 mm.

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In the Gallery, which is main section of our site, you can look at Russian silhouettes from three centuries. Russian artists were made a lot of silhouette masterpieces during XVIII, XIX and XX centuries.

Silhouette Museum There is another new site section, our MUSEUM. This section continues to tell story about the history of silhouette within different countries and time periods.

Although the site is devoted to russian silhouette art, we are interested to the world experience. And internet is the best information source for this. To walk around the silhouette world, look at Friends section.

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