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Russian Silhouette / Gallery / Viktor Zhukov

Viktor Zhukov

The art of silhouette (papercutting) brooks no fuss, it requires talent, patience and persistency.

Victor Zhukov possessed all these features.

Artist "by the grace of God", scientist, poet, traveller, herbarium collector, he was engaged in the art of papercutting for more than fifty years, having created surprising series of silhouette miniatures depicting moutains, plants, animals, postage stamps and, finally, people.

His work amazes by irreproachable lines, harmony of "black and white". His creations are run through by a fine sense of humour and, sometimes, are featured with frank satire. No doubt that Victor possessed a "gift of the gods" being one of the small quantity of masters who made their contribution into the renaissance of the art of sillhouette - the art that was almost forgotten in Russia.

People say that to get a sculpture from stone one should only remove all that is not required.

A talented silhouettist is capable of something more than that: from one sheet of paper he creates two pictures simultaneously - "positive" and "negative" ones. Creating such a pair is like a drawing made with a stroke of the pen. Victor Zhukov, making use of well sharpened surgical scissors, created such pairs of miniatures without any preliminary drawing made, and right before the eyes of the astonished public. As they say: "Feel the difference".

Attention: news!

The cover of the album A page from the albumOur Gallery has published an art album with the images of papercuts of the artist Victor Zhukov. The album includes papercuts from a literary-art cycle "Wildness" (scenes of human prehistory). It is the cycle from 98 satirical real-sized miniatures with author's signatures in English and Russian languages. The dimensions of the album are 275 х 200 mm.

More information can be received by e-mail .

Presenation of “Wildness” series online

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