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Russian Silhouette / Gallery / Herman Cheryomushkin

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Mothers in a plague, 4262 m, engraving on plaster, 1968..


German Cheryomushkin is an artist from Moscow. In 1992 he was awarded the rank of Honored artist of Russia. His works range from graphic series to watercolors to art pottery and architectural designs (Cheryomushkin's designs decorate many architectural projects along one of the main Siberian
railways, Tyumen - Surgut).

The varying subject matter is based mainly on the artist's rich personal experience. His works are characterized by use of elegant, clear line and rhythmical patterns, and a strong inclination to symbolism.
Cheryomushkin has founded the department of Graphics Arts at the University of Arts by him(it). C.G.Stroganov, and is the present head of this department.

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
In a conservatory, 50100 m, paper, typographical paint, 1964..

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
At lecture, 60120 m, engraving on plaster, 1965..

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Fires fly, fires, 2230 m, paper, felt-tip pen, 1975..

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Runs of deers, 60120 m, engraving on plaster, 1968..

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Hunters, 70100 m, engraving on plaster, 1968..

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Chess, paper, ink. 1970

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
ill. to the story A.Pushkin "Shot", 2530 m,  paper, ink. 1973 .

Hermann Cheryomushkin.
Keepers of fire, 2530 m, paper, felt-tip pen. 1978
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