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Russian Silhouette / Gallery / Alexandr Nefyodov

Alexandr Nefyodov.
DASHKOVA Catherine (1744 -1810), The known political and public figure. Princess was familiar with empress Catherine II, Volter, Ledy Hamilton, Didro..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
AKSAKOV Sergey (1791-1859), known writer, author of a fairy tale "Scarlet Flower" and " the Family chronicle ". Long lived near Moscow in a village Abramzevo..


Alexahdr Nefyodov is a historian by education, and works as the editor in
chief of a Moscow newspaper "Twerskaya,13". He is the member of the
Moscow union of the Press and the Russian Literary Union.
Nefyodov taught himself the silhouette art. Many of his papercuts have
already found place in Moscow museums and private collections, silhouette
portraits have appeared in magazines.
In 2002 the artist celebrated his fortieth birthday by holding an exhibition
"Two colors of time. The art of silhouette portrait" - papercut portraits of
Moscow governors from Middle Ages to the present day, of poets, writers,
artists and other famous people. The exhibition was hosted in turn by
several galleries in the city and Moscow area, and received accolades from
the press.
We present Nefyodov's papercut portraits of some important persons in the
history of Russia.

Alexandr Nefyodov.
CHAADAEV Petr (1794-1856), " Tasted to a mountain from mind(wit) ", the philosopher was friends of the poet . Pushkin..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
DMITRIEV-MAMONOV Matvey (1790-1836), of the columns the participant of war With the French of 1812,  Helped and sympathized with the decebrists. Forty years of the life it(he) has lived under home arrest because did not want to serve to the emperor Niki I.

Alexandr Nefyodov.
GOLIKOV Ivan (1735 - 1801), has written a history about businesses great Peter..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
JUKOVSKY Basil (1783 - 1852), "Columb" of Russian poetry, participant of war with the French in 1812..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
KARAMZIN Nikolya (1766-1826), author of remarkable literary products: " Poor Lisa " and " the Letters of the Russian traveller " More than 20 years of life it(he) wrote the large work " a History of the state Russian " in 12 .

Alexandr Nefyodov.
LEOVOV Nikolya (1751 - 1804), the contemporaries named it(him) Russian Leonardo de Vinch. .

Alexandr Nefyodov.
NOVIKOV Nikolya (1744-1818), known publisher and public humanitarian figure. . Radicshev, which was afraid Catherine II of, was his(its) close friend. Under the books, which printed Novikov in the publishing house, " Russia studied to speak, to read.

Alexandr Nefyodov.
Great princes Konstantin ROMANOV (! 858 - 1915), grandson of the emperor Nikolya I..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
Great imam SHAMIL (1799 - 1871), battled 25 years with Russian against conquest of Caucasus. It(he) has obeyed the emperor Alexandr II. More than 10 years it(he) lived in city Kaluga under home arrest. Has died during travel to Mecca..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
SMIRNOVA-ROSSET Alexandra (1809 - 1882), clever and beautiful woman, which involved(attracted) attention of the great contemporaries:  the poet Pushkin has devoted to it(her) verses,  and the writer Nik. Gogol was to it(her) the friend. The death of the g.

Alexandr Nefyodov.
TURGENEV Nikolya (1789 - 1871), decembrist..

Alexandr Nefyodov.
Princess WOLKONSKAYA Zinaida (1789 - 1862),.

Alexandr Nefyodov.
WYASEMSKY Peter (1792 - 1878), known poet. In his(its) manor in Ostafyevo long lived Nik.KARAMZIN , writing there " a History of the state Russian "..
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