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Russian Silhouette / Gallery / Igor & Varsenik Babayantz

Family Babayants

Igor Babayants is a book-designer. He has graduated from the artistic faculty of Moscow University of Printing. He is a member of the Artist's Union of Russia. Since 1972 he has been working at the art of paper-cutting.

He cuts out his works of paper with chisel. He has created the main part of his works for books' designing.

Besides illustrations the artist does his own machine-tool works: portraits, still lives, architectural monuments.

He is a participant of some main exhibitions in our country and foreign countries.

Igor Babayants has been working as a teacher for more than 30 years. He is a dean of the artistic-graphic faculty with graphic design speciality in colledge. Besides he is at the head of the studio where children from 4 to 18 go to. He has worked out his own way of teaching. Most of his pupils have become professional artists and teachers.

Igor Babayants' daughter, Varsenic, is going on with the family tradition. She also goes to the artistic faculty of Moscow University of Printing and works at the art of paper-cutting. While studying, she created a number of works which were exhibited in some main exhibitions of Moscow and regions.

Igor Babayantz.
Still life.

Varsenik Babayantz.
A dog.

Igor Babayantz.
Mother's portrait. 1975

Igor Babayantz.
Self-portrait. 1978

Igor Babayantz.
Half-title for R. Mihas book "Father's Draw-well". 1979

Igor Babayantz.
Illustration to Kalinina's book

Varsenik Babayantz.
Man's portrait. 1990

Varsenik Babayantz.
Woman's portrait. 1998

Varsenik Babayantz.
Illustration to Aristophane's poem

Varsenik Babayantz.
Illustration to Aristophane's poem
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