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Библиография по теневому театру (на сайте кукольного театра им. С.В.Образцова)
Anton Brukner
There is a lot of miscellaneous information about German composer Anton Brukner in this page, including a few silhouettes imaging him near Brahms and Vagner.
The SuperSite for Kids
The site makes it possible to develop phantasy by showing the endless quantity of forms of an easiest make that is known to us from our earliets childhood when we first took scissors and paper in hands to decorate our home for the Christmas.
Goethejahr 1999
The site of the BJ-Art studio dediсated one of its sections to the great poet Iohann Volfgang Goete.
Stadtjubilaum Mannheim 2007. Scherenschnitte
In 2007 German town of Mangheim celebrates its 400th anniversary. On this occasion site Stadtjubilaum Mannheim 2007 is established. The site is interesting with silhouettes presented in it.
The Guild of American Papercutters Web Pages
The Guild of American Papercutters Web Pages
Hawaiian Quilt Patterns
This simple page introduces paper cut patterns used for making quilts in Hawaii.


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