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Silhouette Collections

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Knipkunst - силуэты из Нидерландов
Christmas cuttings still remain the common decoration of holiday interiors.
Chinese Folk Paper Cuts
24 works of Chinese Folk Paper Cuts
Deutscher Scherenschnittverein e.V.
German Silhouette
Plastische Scherenschnitte
Basteln mit Elisabeth! (The Best From Elisabeth)
It is nicely decorated site with an interesting selection of various papercuttings.
Chinese Papercuts
Dr. Sylvia Earle from America traveled much. She has visited Iceland and Hawaii, on Ceylon and Kuwait. She is not to be easiliy surprised. However the art of chinese masters of silhouette (papercutting) so amazed her that she dedicated a whole page in the Internet to this topic.
Papercuts from Different Parts of China
The East amazed europeans with its fine arts in all periods. And chinese silhouette is a real poem. The site makes one familiar with the peculiarities of papercutting art in China's various provinces.
Traditional paper cut outs from Majorca
In Majorca island, Spain, Mediterranean Sea, village people make traditional paper cut outs named Neules in Catalan. The site presents not only scans of Neules but its photos within an interior.
The Americana SmorgasBoard
This site is devoted to American art & craft circa 1700 through 1900, and within the long list of the different types of art you can find Sherenschnitte and Silhouettes.
Lisbeths Papirklip
Denmark.. What do we know about this small European country? And there are a lot of papercutters working there with a number of cutting exposed in several sites. Lisbeths Papirklip is the biggest and richly presented one.
Bruno Jansen's Gallery where among the diversity of genres presented there is a big collection of Scherenschnitte which is interesting for us.
Tondajhoj - Knipsels - Wycinanki
Site with a collection of Wycinanki (Polish silhouettes) and annotation in as much as three languages (can never guess which ones): esperanto, Dutch and Polish!
Christmas cuttings still remain the common decoration of holiday interiors.
Sebnitzer Scherenschnitte
Kirigami exhibit and workshop, the art of Japanese handmade greeting cards.
Polish Folk Art
TraditionalPolish art - decorations cut out of paper.


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