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Silhouette Artists

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Zhou Family's Silhouettes of China
These silhouettes are created by Zhou family, six members of Chinese artists. The site tells about the whole family's Papercutting creation. The combination of traditions and talent of artists sets an example continuity of generations in PapercutArt.
Gallery of Illustrated Shakespeare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
William Shakespeare. A midsummer-night's dream... Illustrated with 24 silhouettes by P. Konewka.
Designs by Lisa Gallagher - Sherenschnitte
Lisa Gallagher, an artist from Germany, presents her works in sherenschnitte.
Unidentified Maker - French. Paper Silhouette Slides
Silhouettes by unknown artist
Hanneke's Knipoog
Papercutting from The Netherlands by Hanneke Hilbers-Jacobs.
Силуэт (Silhouette)
First silhouette homepage by Russian artist. The silhouettes of celebrities - models and stars, persons, theatrical. And the author is offered to make a silhouette from a photography for anybody.
Michael Pierce
Susanne Schlapfer-Geiser
Gabriele Basch
Tim Arnold
"silhouettes cut free-hand in minutes by Tim Arnold", this is what we read on the emblem of Tim Arnold. He presented himself as the best silhouettist in America and, not groundless, since he was honored to portrait president Bush's family.
Jean-Yves Dousset
A page with silhouettes of a French artist Jean-Yves Dousset, and a stamp with silhouettes is of particular interest.
Ellen Brown
The site of Ellen Brown, in my opinion, one of most successful in design and no less facsination in content. Surprisingly, she herself has no e-mail of her own and the author of this site lives thousands miles away from her.
Papercutting by Sister Clarice Stienfeldt
The creative manner of the painter is very original. The site shows a very interesting and diversified collection of his works.
Erich Proksch Sherenschnitte
Some interesting works of German artist Erich Proksch have been exhibited in the Internet by his grandson Tommy. The page is an well design example that not so often can meet.
Hand-cut Portraits by Master Silhouette Artist Professor Brian R. Flora
A visiting card of an artist from the USA - more than modest.
Scherenschnitte by Marilyn R. Diener
Even the first page will impress you: a photo of a room whose walls are fully covered with silhouettes. The site tells about an artist from Pensilvania, USA, Marilyn R. Diener who works in German style.
Sheep Shear Cuttings
Cuttings in Polish style by artist from Vermont Caroline Guest.
Beatrice Coron
Silhouette Cutting by Charles Burns
Hannan's place of Arts
Home page of an artist from the Netherlands Hannah Biemold, she is engaged in cutting silhouette compositions, sometimes - striking in complexity. A page design made by herself, also nice enough.
ISEKATAGAMI - Japanese traditional papercutting
Do you know what does means enigmatic word Isekatagami? The answer can be found at the site of the art studio Minomusi. This site was placed most conventionally within the category because its content more wide than only one artist's works.


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